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How to open dispute and claim refund for fake tracking number and non received parcel?

Package has been returned to shipper, but seller does not confess that he/she have received the return and refuse to refund me money, how can I get my money back? Parcel was returned to shipper, or even shows “Failed delivery”. How can I get refund from China Post? The tracking status has not changed over 40 days,I still do not get the item, can I contact seller or China Post for refund?

China Post does not deal with recipient directly. China Post only accept query or claim from shipper who has original shipping receipt.

So, for recipient, the best solution is to contact your payment authority(ebay, aliexpress, paypal or credit card company) and file a non-receipt dispute ASAP.

Once you have filed the dispute, then it becomes seller’s duty to prove that the parcel has been successfully delivered to buyer. If he/she can not give such proof in specific time period, the money will be automatically refunded to buyer.

How to file such non-receipt dispute?

In eBay, PayPal or AliExpress, there is a link or web page called “Resolution Center” or “Dispute Center”. You can file non-receipt there.

Is there any deadline to file non-receipt dispute?

YES. For eBay, PayPal, you need to file the dispute within 45 days of your payment. For AliExpress, it is 60 days.

What if I passed the dispute deadline and still want to get refund?

If you have passed deadline to file dispute, then the only way is to contact seller. Normally big sellers who have high positive feedback rate will give you good solution in exchange of good feedback from you. This will help their shop to get better selling performance.

What if I buy from some website which does not have “dispute center” and I did not make payment by paypal or alipay?

Unfortunately, this makes it very difficult to get your money back. So we suggest buyer to buy from China sellers in big marketplace such as ebay,aliexpress, amazon etc which have good customer protection system. If you buy from independent shopping website, then please select paypal as payment method. NEVER use wire transfer or money order or western union,or bit-coin to make payment especially from unfamiliar sellers.